10 Great "One For One" Social Good Companies That Make Great Gifts

Want to do something good for those less fortunate while taking care of your holiday gift shopping this winter? Here are 10 fantastic companies that operate on a "One For One" model. That is, for each product you buy the companies on this list provide an equivalent benefit to an individual or community in need.  

1. Project 7

Project 7 sells gum (like the delicious birthday cake sugar-free gum above), snacks, bottled water and clothing. For each product purchased they make a corresponding donations for things like fruit trees, meals, digging wells, and providing education. Check out their website


The most well known of the one-for-one companies, TOMS began with their classic canvas shoe model but has expanded to sell boots, eyeglasses and more, all with their one-for-one donation match. Check them out online and in shoe stores across the country

3. Better World Books

Better World Books is a better kind of online bookstore. For every book purchased on their site, Better World Books donates one to Books for Africa or Feed the Children. See more here.

4. Yoobi

Yoobi sells colorful school and office supplies, and donates the same number of supplies purchased to U.S. schools in need. Quality school supplies are often an expense that American families struggle with - making this a truly valuable social enterprise. See all their products here.

5. Out of Print

Out of Print clothing, sells T-shirts and apparel printed with covers from classic literature. This fantastic company donates one book to Books for Africa for every product purchased. Show your love for books by checking them out. Products are available at many bookstores, as well as on their website.

6. 2 Degrees

For every snack bar purchased from 2 Degrees, they provide a nutrition pack to a child in need. Bars are delicious and available at many retail locations as well as online.

7. Panda

Panda sells bamboo sunglasses and proceed from each purchase provide an eye exam and prescription glasses for school-aged children through the Optometry Giving Sight organization. Purchase here.

8. One World Play Project

For each ball purchased from the One World Play Project, a ball will be given to disadvantaged youth in communities worldwide. These balls are specially designed to be extremely sturdy, and to never go flat, so kids will always have a quality toy to play with. See more here.

9. Everything Happy

Who better to design for kids than kids themselves? Inspired by the plush invention of a 7-year-old boy, Everything Happy offers blankets, animal toys, pillows and apparel for kids. Boasting the motto “One to Love, One to Give,” Everything Happy focuses its sales-matching donations towards orphanages, children’s hospitals and poverty-stricken communities in Uganda, Thailand, Korea and right here in the United States. Shop now.


10. Read Notebooks

Last but not least there is us, Read Notebooks. Dedicated to ensuring that ever child has the opportunity to become a great reader, Read Notebooks donates one story book to a child in need for every notebook purchased. Notebooks are available online here




There are many ways you can support Read Notebooks. First, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram, and share Read Notebooks with your family and friends. You can also join us at one of our upcoming Read Ups, where we read aloud to children and deliver the donated books. If you are interested in joining a future Read Up, please email info@readnotebooks.com.

Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes