Read Notebooks Book Of The Week #4: Speak Up, Tommy! by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Children’s books are often a young person’s first introduction to challenging topics like race, poverty, compassion, acceptance, and more. This makes it absolutely critical to choose the right books that will help shape your child’s outlook on life and the way they interact with those around them.


Jacqueline Dembar Green’s Speak Up, Tommy! is one such carefully constructed, and artfully told teaching tale. Speak Up, Tommy! tells the story of a young boy who, faced with the challenges of learning a new language in a new school in a new country, has difficulty fitting in. Just as Tommy is beginning to feel increasingly isolated, causing him to withdraw, a visit from a rescue dog provides the spark that motivates him to try again.

Teaching children about the need to care for those who are feeling alone, isolated, or left behind can be difficult, especially when your child has not experienced those feelings firsthand. Speak Up, Tommy! is a great way to begin a discussion with your child about bullying, mean behavior, immigration, compassion, and how to interact with kids who speak foreign languages.


Ages 5 and up | 28 pages | Kar-Ben Publishing | August, 2012

Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes