Read Notebooks Book Of The Week #2: Ken Jennings’ Junior Genius Guides: US Presidents

Few things are more important for a parent looking to instill a love of reading and to teach literacy skills to their child than choosing the right books. In this, the second of Read Notebooks' new series of blog posts highlighting one incredible book each week, we present a book that will get your child engaged in one of our favorite subjects: civics!

This book from Jeopardy! superstar Ken Jennings is a delightful way to ensure that your child gets a two-for-one benefit from his or her reading activities. Constructed as an interactive trivia book, the Junior Genius Guide not only challenges a child’s literacy skills and vocabulary, but also provides a memorable and entertaining lesson in history and civics that will come in handy innumerable times throughout their educational career.


Featuring fun illustrations, trivia that will engage children and parents alike, quizzes, and more, this book is an invaluable asset to parents looking to start their child on the path towards patriotism and success.

Your child need not stop there, however. For parents looking to challenge their kids further, pair this book with the Smithsonian Institute’s Smithsonian Book of Presidential Trivia.

Ages 8-10 | 160 pages | Little Simon | May 2014

Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes