Read Notebooks Celebrates The UN's New #GlobalGoals

Sometimes it takes the whole world coming together to make a real change in the lives of the people who are struggling the most. The beautiful thing is that in 2015. bringing the whole world together is a legitimately feasible goal, not just a pipe dream. 

This week the United Nations is promoting what it calls “The World’s Largest Advertising Campaign” to promote its 17 new “Global Goals.” These goals, replacing the UN’s previous “Millennium Development Goals,” are the framework for its ambitious drive to transform the world by 2030. 

Today the immense effort comes to a head. Today (September 24th) events and rallies in more than 100 countries -- a concentrated effort from the 2,000 organizations that make up action/2015 -- are being held. One of those rallies will take place outside U.N. headquarters right here in New York.

Why is Read Notebooks so excited about the #GlobalGoals? 

We're excited that Goal 4 is working towards ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

This is our goal as well. And, while we can do a whole lot in New York City to improve the lives of children through literacy and reading, these truly global efforts can have an impact on millions of lives. 

So today we ask you to visit the Global Goals website and find out what you can do today to get involved and make this global dream a reality.

Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes