Stay In The Lines With National Coloring Book Day


Coloring books have always been popular with children, and over the years, adults have increasingly gotten in on the fun!  They are a fabulous way to get your young child interested in books, to enjoy a fun family activity, and to release stress.

This Sunday, August 2nd, is National Coloring Book Day, and to honor the day, we’ve put together a couple of activities you and your family can do to celebrate!


1. Visit your local bookstore or library

Community bookstores and libraries are the backbone of every reading community. Have a visit and see what is new on the shelves -- you never know what treasure you might discover!


2. Dig up your old coloring books

Celebrating Coloring Book Day can be as simple as appreciating your kids’ old handiwork, or even your own. What could be a better lesson for your child than teaching them that even their old artwork has great value and that going back to admire and improve upon past work can be fun and rewarding?


3. Download some free coloring pages

Dover Publications, the first press to sell coloring books designed specifically for adults in 1970, has made available a great set of samples to test your drawing skills. They can be downloaded for free here. Whats more, by downloading the pack you are automatically entered for a chance to win one of five sets of Dover adult coloring books. These samples are a little complex so if you are looking for pages appropriate for children, you can check our Crayola’s website for dozens of fun and easy options.


4. Send a picture to family

A hand drawn momento is always a welcome surprise for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of all kinds. Have your child color a picture specially for someone they love and help them send it through the mail or deliver it by hand. This is a great lesson in selflessness, gift giving, and how the postal system works.


5. Attend or throw a party

Share your love of coloring with others!  For adults, Dover has organized free coloring parties in every major city all over the country. They can be found on here. You might even consider throwing a party for your children and their friends using the free coloring pages mentioned earlier!


Coloring books are an important step for your child in building a lifelong appreciation for books, reading, and literacy. Unfortunately, for too many children around the world, a good book is out of reach. At Read Notebooks, we believe every child should be able to experience the joy of reading. That is why for every notebook you purchase, we donate a storybook to a child in need.

There are many ways you can support Read Notebooks. First, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share Read Notebooks with your family and friends. You can also join us at one of our upcoming Read Ups, where we read aloud to children and deliver the donated books. If you are interested in joining a future Read Up, please email

Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes