Get Crafty with Paper: 5 gifts you can make for Mother's Day

1. Papier MâchéDid you know papier mâché is French for "chewed paper"? If you have some time on your hands, make your own paper pulp with this DIY project.
2. Origami - Keep your craft project clean and simple with this Japanese tradition of folding paper—A few sheets of paper and a good attitude are the only supplies you need!
3. Tissue Paper Trees - This project is great for creative types and features one of the coolest mothers of all—earth!
4. Make a New Journal from an Old Book - This project takes a bit more time, but the end result will not disappoint! A great gift for any mom who loves to write.
5. Paper Airplanes - Our personal favorite, paper airplanes are quick and easy to make.

Emily Nevitt
Emily Nevitt