What We Learned During a Read Up

Last week, thanks to everyone who has supported Read since our launch, we had the chance to host our first Read Up. We joined 30 one and two year-olds at a pre-school in Harlem, where we read and delivered a storybook to each child.

We had an amazing time, and learned quite a few things from the experience, including:

  1. We should be prepared to read more than one book for each class, as children love story time.
  2. We need to bring more copies of Pete the Cat next time, as it's a crowd favorite. 
  3. When reading May I Please Have a Cookie, be prepared to have a classroom of children say "cookies" every time you say the word.
  4. Toddlers are absolutely adorable.

Okay, we knew the last one before the visit. Check out some of the photos below and on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again to everyone who made the first Read Up possible. We hope you all are able to join us for Read Ups in the future -- we can't wait to host another one in the 2015! Have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Aaron Kinnari
Aaron Kinnari


Aaron Kinnari is the founder of Read Notebooks.